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The High Roller Games Team


Welcome to the first HRG Blog! (Want to know a bit more about us? Check out this link.)
Now that’s out of the way, please enjoy…

Our blog mission : Big value in a short amount of time.

Most importantly, we want you to be able to read it quickly and learn something new about games, design, our progress, trials and tribulations.

Our HRG mission : To create great games that people of all levels can quickly get into. If we can introduce fans and new players from different media sources into the world of gaming, then we know we are doing our job and helping them discover new ways of experiencing games and stories.

We are most influenced by Board Game Geek, Board Game Design Lab and Jamey Stegmeier, but also other game companies that have gone the distance over the last couple years – Tasty Minstrel Games and Minion Games are great examples.
Casual Gamer Insider deserves a special note here as well, since they are helping to create a movement we are very much a part of.

Games have come a long way in the last 20 years. Ever since Settlers of Cattan and Magic the Gathering hit the public over the head with new ways of playing table top games. This has led to a much larger audience of potential gamers being introduced to different kinds of strategic games. This was also the beginning of a board game renaissance – games finally being made with a larger audience in mind. Many new games now no longer depend on mere luck, but more importantly, ‘on a series of meaningfull choices’.

Like a great movie, tv show, video game, comic or novel, table top games are now seen as a viable form of entertainment. The key that sets them apart are the interactions they create amongst the people involved. Table top games allow for a very different kind of shared experience. Sitting or standing across from each other gives a heightened sense of reality to the game in play. The level of involvement is greatest when players are, at times, able to suspend belief and really live in the moment.

Within the world of table top games, players are able to create new stories for themselves and others. Our global village is connected now more than ever with each other while the internet has been a powerful force in making this happen. This is one of the reasons why the table top industry is larger now more than ever.

With new ways of playing games and the different levels of interactions, gaming has finally opened up and now allows for greater stories to be told in more unique ways. This holds especially true in a media-saturated environment in which we are constantly being told how to look at something. Too often, when watching a show or reading a book, we are often given a very narrow focus on the topic at hand. Personally, I always found that ‘what if’ scenarios are great ways of changing up the entertainment. I love having the option to choose how the story could have gone and how it might have ended. Many video games do this but table top games go further. Not only can you be the hero who saves the day, but having the shared experience in getting there becomes the focus and leads to being paramount in creating a good time. Some of the best games I’ve every had are considered epic events. This is what I enjoy being apart of. Seeing new players coming into gaming for the first time – creating great stories and memories shared over and over again.


CEO and Co-Founder